When the Process is the Outcome

It was such a joy to talk with Myriam Hadnes a few weeks ago! If you’d like to listen to our conversation, you can do so here:

We spoke about how Learning is supported at Automattic, how we can facilitate transformative learning experiences, and what the true essence of facilitation is.

Some highlights from our conversation:

  • Why the outcome of a workshop is embedded throughout the process, not as a final lightbulb moment
  • How a focus on process eventually leads to stronger, self-directed outcomes
  • Why facilitators are experts in adapting — for themselves and the environments they create for others
  • How to dial up and down the balance of content and process, according to the group and their needs
  • How to facilitate with and around an ‘expert’ participant
  • Why it’s critical for participants to apply the skills they’re learning in-situ, to embed the learning and create a snowballing sense of progress

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