You are a Being of Ancient Wisdom

Who is this person mirrored back at me?
With ancient wisdom,
As old as earth, sky and sea.

How shall I all thy splendor behold?
With soulful compassion,
As in my eyes a thousand mysteries unfold.

Is it not time to run through Eternity’s Door?
With wild abandon,
As the hero in me dares to dream once more.

Beulah Durrheim

You are a being of ancient wisdom. Your DNA is millions of millennia old. Countless generations have passed on their lessons in your code. Your cells contain prehistoric matter.

Can you appreciate how wise you are? How deeply you know things?

Can you once in a while let go of trying to make sense of it all, and access that deep inner knowing? Can you attune to what your soul has to say?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around you, or perhaps you feel unsure what decision to make. Maybe you feel frightened at the state of the world, trapped in anger, or lost in profound sadness.

Can you find peace in knowing that maybe there is a part of you that already knows its way through?

Can you be still enough to hear your own voice?

You are a being of ancient wisdom.

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  1. lorenzchristian avatar

    At this particular moment in time, this reflection really speaks to me. Thank you.

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