September 2021 Newsletter

This month I’d like to share some tools that I’ve found to be pretty useful, some articles I’ve written recently and some quotes that have impacted me. 

Some useful tools 

  • From the Collab Crew: Virtual techniques for team kickoffs. I especially love the strengths and weakness template with the food emojis! 🍕🥦🧀
  • From Untools: Tools for better Thinking. From complexity theory to conflict theory, there is some gold in here! 
  • And the following, referred by my friends at Remote:AF -> Butter! Butter is my new favourite video conferencing tool, and it’s free!! Seriously… check it out.

Some recent writing

Some quotes that got me thinking

“The capacity for talking together constituted the foundation for democracy, far more fundamental than voting. As one ancient Greek philosopher noted, ‘When voting started, democracy ended.’ ” 
~ William Isaacs, Dialogue

“Helping is a basic relationship that moves things forward.” 
~ Edgar Schein, Helping

“We favor the comfort of conviction over the discomfort of doubt, and we let our beliefs get brittle long before our bones.”
~ Adam Grant, Think Again


That’s it from me for this month! If you know of someone who would appreciate this content, please forward it to them or invite them to signup.

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